Recycling Your BRITA Cartridges

Recycling means clean water and environment

Drinking clean water should not come at the expensive of the environment. Recycling BRITA cartridges has been an integral part of the BRITA ethos for the last 15 years and is something BRITA, are truly proud of and Next Day Filters strongly supports.

We make it easy for you to ‘do your bit’ for the environment!

BRITA’s Retail Recycling scheme across the UK makes recycling cartridges easier than ever. To find out more, just contact BRITACare on 0844 742 4800.

Where can I recycle my Cartridges?

Many highstreet BRITA stockists will be happy to accept your used BRITA filter cartridges and will transfer them to the BRITA recycling process.
Look out for the BRITA branded recycling bins in your local store. If the bin isn’t initially evident please speak to a member of staff. It is the responsibility of the store to keep the bin in place.

To find our where your nearest recycling store is, enter your postcode in the store locator on the BRITA website.

How are BRITA cartridges recycled?

A BRITA cartridge is made up of three materials: The plastic body and the filtering material, which consists of activated carbon and ion exchangers. The plastic material is pre-cleaned and then ground. The resulting plastic granulate is supplied to the plastics industry for renewed processing for various purposes. The activated carbon and ion exchangers are carefully separated. The activated carbon is returned to the manufacturer where it is reactivated in special installations and made available for other uses such as waste water treatment.

The ion exchangers are subjected to a chemical and thermal 100% recycling and purification process at our own plant. At the end of this process, the ion exchange resin fulfils all the quality demands that are expected in functional and hygienic terms of new, freshly produced ion exchanger resin. The ion exchange resin is then reused for the production of household water filters.




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