Payment Methods

Once you have entered your billing information, the payment methods will become available to you once you select the country for delivery.

Once in the ‘Proceed to checkout’ option, you will be able to select your payment options. Please see the below options:

Paying by Credit or Debit Card

When in the checkout process, you can pay with the ‘Credit Card’ option which includes all VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover and American Express cards. Please note that this includes debit card.

Here you can then enter in your card number, expiry date of the card, and the card security code.

Please ensure that you check all of the information you have provided is correct before clicking ‘Place order’.

Paying with PayPal

  1. You can either check out with PayPal by using the ‘Check out with PayPal’ option in your Shopping Cart
  2. Select your PayPal account when in the Checkout stage and select ‘Proceed to PayPal’

Once PayPal has been selected, you will be directed to a new window in order to log into your PayPal account.

Ensure that the address and payment card used are correct. If they are not, please change the ones that are selected.

Once you have checked this, please press ‘Continue’ to process the payment.

If you order via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation of payment from PayPal and also an order confirmation email from us at Nextday Filters.

Some problems that may occur with PayPal and how to resolve them

Unfortunately sometimes your order may encounter some problems with PayPal. Here are some of the errors you might receive while creating your order:

  • If you receive an email from PayPal stating that you have paid for your order but do not receive an email from Nextday Filters, please send us an email at informing us what has happened and we will look into this for you!
  • If using Switch/Maestro with PayPal: While you are placing your order they may put you in a loop asking for your card details which are already registered and that you have used with PayPal before. Sometimes, even if you re-enter the details it will bring up another error message. PayPal have suggested entering the details of a different card. If you need further help with this problem please contact PayPal.
  • If PayPal are preventing your payment from being made, please contact PayPal about the restrictions that are being placed on you so that you can resolve it with them. If you would like to continue the payment, please change your payment method and pay by card directly to Nextday Filters.

Gift and Promotional Vouchers

Redeeming your coupon
Before selecting that ‘Pay Now’ button, now is the chance to redeem your promotional coupon!

If you have received a coupon code, you can redeem this on the left hand side of Shopping Cart page by typing in your code and selecting ‘Apply Coupon’.

If you miss it in the Shopping Cart stage, do not worry as you can also redeem it in the Checkout stage above the ‘Billing Details’. You can select the ‘Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code’ and upon clicking it, a drop down will allow you to enter your order and ‘Apply it.




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